Skip a meal or two this month, donate what you didn’t spend on the meal(s), and we’ll buy as many as 20 meals for children that go to school hungry. 

That’s Charity Fasting.

It’s skipping a meal by choice, so that those that don’t have a choice to skip meals can eat.

Thank You! Today, I Ate!

66 Million children lack access to a meal each day

Watch how this simple choice can help provide 1,000,000 meals this year

How It Works

Fast 1 Day

If you’re able to do so, pick a day of the month you choose to do a Charity Fast and skip a meal or two.**

Save & Give

Estimate how much you would have spent on those meals and give the money you saved. Your contribution goes a long way, and it is money you would have spent anyway!

Gift a Meal

The average contribution of $20 goes to provide as much as 20 meals for children who go hungry not by any choice of their own.

What Could You Give with What you Save

66 million primary school-age children attend classes hungry across the developing world*

Imagine if the 7 billion that are blessed to have food, make the choice to fast for two meals a month, and donated the money they would have spent on that food.


We can’t teach them until we feed them.

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Fast 1 Day Each Month

Pick a day of the month that works for you and make a habit of skipping a meal or two. Wrestlers and boxers fast to reach a competitive weight class. Millions of dieters are trying intermittent fasting to lose weight. Millions have fasted for religious purposes for decades. Studies from Johns Hopkins and Harvard have found there are real health benefits to fasting. We think the greatest benefit is how it could end world hunger.

**If you have any health concerns, please consult a physician before fasting.


Save on Food & Give

You can donate the exact cost of the food you would have eaten while you fasted, or you can donate more or less. When you sacrifice a meal, and you feel hunger, you’ll find that you have extra empathy for those that don’t skip meals by choice, and it will be easy to want to share with them.

Give Meals Around the World

Your contribution from what you save from fasting can go a long ways in other parts of the world. In some cases, $1 USD can pay for an entire meal. So when you choose to fast and give, you could help provide as many as 20 meals, and in some cases even more. CharityFast is diligently working on making sure 100% of your contributions go to pay for meals and not the logistics of making it all happen. 


*Why We Chose to Feed Children

Children are the foundation of our developing world, and our mission is to inspire them to dream, to learn, and to seek to make our world a better place. It’s tough for them to be inspired, and let alone learn when hunger is the only thing occupying their attention.

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